Virgin Entrails – As The Snow Falls On A Black Christmas

Out today, a new tape by Virgin Entrails, “As The Snow Falls On A Black Christmas”.

Dedicated to Keith Brewer and based upon our mutual love of Bob Clark’s Black Christmas. This c60 is a live in-“studio” simulacrum of a set performed last year, shortly after Keith’s passing. Built upon a 30 minute prepared sound collage sourced from Black Christmas, this recording is noticeably more restrained than previous offerings from Virgin Entrails. The b-side features the unaltered sound collage. The cassette is housed in a spray-painted and stamped box, prepared by hand and bound by ribbon. Limited to 25 numbered copies, one edition.

Pictures of the boxset can be seen here:

$10 postage paid in the US, $20 postage paid outside of US. Interested parties can contact perfectblue69 [at] hotmail [dot] com . There will be very limited distribution by Freak Animal (and probably Skeleton Dust). You can save on shipping if you’re interested in ordering other in stock Vanity Recordings releases.

Still available:
Concrete Mascara – History of Ruin [2020 edition] cassette – $7
Jigoku – Alcoholic Hell cassette – $5
Virgin Entrails – Virgin Entrails cassette – $7
Concrete Mascara – Bilharzia EP CD – $10
Throat – Bareback (Stripped & Remasked) 2xCD – $16

[VR-016] – Concrete Mascara / Virgin Entrails – Beneath The Trapdoor 2x cassette – spring 2021

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Concrete Mascara – History of Ruin reissue

Out now! Concrete Mascara’s 4th album, originally released by Trapdoor Tapes in 2015, is now available from Vanity Productions. The artwork has been revised and printed on purple card stock; the audio has been remastered and slightly edited and the dubbing sounds true to the master. The initial run is 50 copies.

For those interested contact perfectblue69 [at] hotmail [dot] com.

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Virgin Entrails’ debut album available on Bandcamp


Vanity Recordings and Uninvited Records are proud to announce Virgin Entrails’ debut album is out now on Bandcamp, available here.

Virgin Entrails delivers five sensual songs for first-timers over 32 minutes. So pour a glass of Thunderbird, light a cigarette and cuddle up next to your body pillow because it’s time to get fucked.

Physical release to follow shortly.


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Screloma’s Dirt and Rotten Sarkoma Available Now

Screloma’s Dirt and Rotten Sarkoma are available now!

Each tape is $8 plus postage or $15 for both. Wholesale prices available for those interested in distribution. Contact perfectblue69 [at] hotmail [dot] com

In the next few weeks copies will be available from:

Cloister Recordings [USA]
Freak Animal Records [Finland]
Malignant Records [USA]
New Approach Records [Portugal]
Scream & Writhe [Canada]
White Centipede [Germany]


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New Releases 2020

Vanity Recordings is proud to announce 4 new releases for 2020!

This summer Vanity Recordings will be re-issuing the first two albums of Japanese rhythmic industrial brutalist Screloma. The albums Dirt and Rotten Sarkoma will be released on professionally duplicated tapes in an edition of 100 each. More info will be available very soon.

Later Vanity Recordings and Uninvited Records will co-release the debut tape Virgin Entrails. Thirty-two minutes of skin-ripping, glass-slashing, electrifying harsh noise.

Finally Vanity Recordings will be reissuing the fourth album by Concrete Mascara, History of Ruin, which was originally released by Trapdoor Tapes in 2015.

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No One Likes Us


Virgin Entrails will make its live debut at None One Likes Us, October 25, 2019 in Richmond, VA. Come out and support local and travelling noise degenerates.

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Concrete Mascara / Neurotic Force / The New Blocooters ‎– What Happens On The Road Always Comes Home

“What Happens on the Road Always Comes Home” 2xcassette and 28pg zine is out now.

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What Happens on the Road…

… always comes home.


Next month Vanity Recordings will release a double tape (c50/c40) and 28pg. zine set commemorating the 2019 Cooter / Concrete Mascara / Josh Peterson tour which set the Northeast USA ablaze with feeling and conjunctivitis. Allegedly. The release will include two live recordings from Concrete Mascara, a recording of Neurotic Force’s first live performance, the first (and only?) performance of The New Blocooters. Lock up your daughters, get your tetanus shots ready and bring the bandages. It’s going to be a mess…

Interested parties get in touch at perfectblue69 [at] hotmail [dot] com


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History of Ruin reissue


Vanity Recordings will be reissuing the 4th Concrete Mascara “History of Ruin” with revised art on cassette shortly. Be prepared.

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Worms of Corrosion

WoC cover

“The course of infection is often divided into three phases: migratory, acute and chronic. The migratory phase occurs when cercariae penetrate and migrate through the skin. This is often asymptomatic, but in sensitized patients, it may cause transient dermatitis (‘swimmers itch’), and occasionally pulmonary lesions and pneumonitis. The acute phase (sometimes called Katayama fever) is coincident with first egg release and is characterized by allergic responses (serum sickness due to overwhelming immune complex formation), resulting in pyrexia, fatigue, aches, lymphadenopathy, gastrointestinal discomfort and eosinophilia. The chronic phase occurs in response to the cumulative deposition of fluke eggs in tissues and the host reactions that develop against them.”

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